Angel Tattoos - Make Your Guardian Angel Appear

Published: 25th February 2011
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An angel is some sort of spiritual being made by God. The word angel originates from the Greek word „aggelo", meaning „messenger", or „the one that is sent". Angels are considered to be messengers of god who deliver His word and guide mankind.

Some think that each person has an unseen personal „ guardian angel" nearby, who safeguard us and supply a guiding light through our lifetimes. They are depicted in religious art as winged creatures hovering above and protecting mankind.

There are a few different representations belonging to the seraphs, such as the guardian angel. They are usually shown watching over children, or holding a sword. Archangels are the seven angels of God who are the closest to him, and combat with the evil demons, such like Lucifer. The cherubs are little angels with baby faces and wings, who represent love - they generally hold a bow to pierce the lovers’ hearts and help them find one another. Finally, there are fallen angels, who have been banished from heaven long ago, and lead the forces of evil against God. Probably the most famous fallen angels is Lucifer, the lord of hell.

Spiritual tattoos including angels are amongst the most popular designs nowadays both for guys and girls. They are easy to like, as they represent peace, strength, determination, and righteousness. Most of the people get an angel tattoo as a reminder of God’s teachings, so to show their faith to others.

One can find celebrities who have guardian angel tattoos. David Beckham has one on his back, protecting his family and himself (as claimed in an interview). Actually, it is by no mistake that David has his tattoo on his back, since it is the most common spot for an angel tattoo along with the arms. Quite a few people just choose a wing tattoo without an angel to warrant their faith.

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